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The Future of Social Media
  • Posted 21 Jun  2019

The Future of Social Media

Social media is just like a maze, there is so much going on and no one knows where it’s going to end up. It was first created to give individuals a place to express themselves as well as a place to connect with others. But social media was quickly taken up by corporations as an opportunity to market their business.

Social media acted as a gateway for corporations to analyze and decrypt new types of data allowing them to communicate and interact with customers. And the future of social media seems to be going in the same direction with the introduction and developments of Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To simplify these two confusing words, they basically define what content you see, what ads you’re served and how you engage with friends. They monitor this through your likes/comments/shares and provide a personalised experience which can then create a bond between the brand and consumers. AI is helping corporations specify and target there market which leads me into my next future trend.

A small, personal and niche market, yes the future seems to be going for small instead of big. Businesses should be focusing on smaller communities and platforms and work on gaining more effective interactions by not trying to target everybody and focusing on finding a group with similar interests, advertising will then become more effective. Creating a niche market will give a personal touch to customers and your brand will gain a place in their life allowing them to remain loyal which can be more beneficial then reaching out to new customers.

We’ve left the biggest and best to last which is videoing. Videoing online seems to be quickly replacing TV, with already 42%  watching online videos every day and this is rapidly rising. Videoing is not only replacing TV but will soon be replacing text and photos as people look at videos 5 times longer than any other form of content. Videoing is also a lot more engaging then other content as it connects with people’s emotions as well as being easier to watch and listen to then just read content and look at a picture. Whether it’s an explanation, a testimonial or behind the scenes video customers are guaranteed to pay more attention to it with 52% saying they wish to see more from brands they support.

The future is very unpredictable but here are just the few trends we recommend you keep in mind to ensure your business is getting the best out of the maze that is social media.